Passport to Discovery


Barbizon USA needed to modernize their “Passport to Discovery”  FileMaker application without disrupting their sales and customer service staff, nor interrupting their finance department from collecting $500,000+ in monthly revenue. Their FileMaker “application” was developed in-house and could no longer support the ever growing demands placed on it from their staff and customers as it lacked the necessary data structure, interface and scripting.

Another reason the application needed to be modernized was that it had become overly complicated for users. On average, new staff needed several days of training in order to familiarize themselves with the application’s convoluted interface. Staff had to learn to click the “pink polka dot box” to calculate the account balances. And “be sure to set the red box to 1 if a Contestant was a no-show for an event.”

The application needed both a reimagined design and had to retain a familiar interface. Robust routines were developed to migrate thousands of records from their single-table that included 900+ fields to the new multi-table structure. And the migration routine had to support being run as many times as they wanted until their were comfortable to completely transition to the new application. In addition, the application had to fully integrate with the other numerous systems and databases in various internal departments. In short, Barbizon needed a miracle only FileMaker could deliver.

Barbizon Modeling and Acting School is an international modeling and acting school headquartered in Tampa, Florida that provides instructional courses in modeling, acting and personal development including self-confidence development, proper posture, photo movement, voice diction, etiquette, job interviewing, makeup application, and runway.


The Original:

Our Solution:

This custom event-management application manages attendees, contact information, credit cards, payment schedules, payment processing, upgrades, competitions, excursions, discounts, scholarships, contracts, room assignments, flight itineraries and everything in-between. These robust features enables staff in multiple departments as they field thousands of customer service and sales calls and emails from their customers on a daily basis.

This application fits snugly in Barbizon’s ecosystem of databases, web applications, object oriented applications and mail servers that support the rest of their company’s technology demands.

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