A Rescue Mission and a Much-Needed Upgrade

Fast Lane Travel is a travel agency specializing in Porsche driving tours throughout Europe and Asia. They offer luxurious, all-inclusive, high adrenaline tours in Germany, Italy, Austria, France and China, as well as custom tours planned by travel experts.

The Mission:

Fast Lane Travel reached out to us in the Summer of 2015, looking to upgrade their current system to a new system that they wanted to be custom-built and optimized for their business. They had experience with FileMaker systems and they wanted to move their old data and records into a new system with strong relational linking and a simple and extensible user interface.

In their old system, their Contact, Tour and Invoice information was scattered across multiple layouts and sections, and their interface was confusing and not optimized to be efficient for their staff.

The Solution:

The Fast Lane Travel Mission was tough: On one hand, they needed a simple user interface with only a few layouts with a lot of data per layout. The backend was another matter entirely: Fast Lane Travel’s data needed in-depth interconnectivity and complexity to be truly useful, so our work was cut out for us!

In the end, we devised a simple user interface and a robust back end with heavily automated processes that connect throughout the database. The pictures above are only the tip of the iceberg: almost a hundred scripts link data and records together automatically and make the process of adding new contacts, tours and invoices a breeze.

Once the database was ready, we moved all of their old data into the new system and verified that the structure we set up correctly connected and related their data the way they wanted.

Now Fast Lane Travel is using this powerful new system that will grow with them as they expand as a company!

We’re already working with them to add new functionality and more features to make their administrative and planning work even easier.

Do you have an old database system that doesn’t fit your needs?

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Time For A Change!