First Things First

Every project is different. Even if it’s something as relatively simple and straight-forward as an invoicing database or as complex as a web-based enrollment system, we won’t take anything for granted. We make our database software with extensible structuring, powerful scripting and intuitive interfaces. We’ll work out the complexities so that your user experience is simple and satisfying, not a headache to work with.

There are many schools of thought on how to develop software. We believe that the best way to design, develop and deploy software ahead of schedule and under budget is to utilize Rapid Application Development.

Step One: Consult

We may develop cutting edge software in the Internet Age, but we like meeting with our clients face-to-face whenever we can. We’re old-school that way.

Understanding your systems, your workflows and your needs is the first thing we seek to do as a team. We consider every angle as we’re developing and designing, and the most important thing to us is making sure that we are developing software that you and your company will use and that will make your processes easier and more efficient.

We’ll talk about your company goals, your workflow and how we can come alongside to make your project a success. We may ask to shadow you or someone on your team to see your current systems in action. After all, the biggest and most in-depth database software is useless if it doesn’t fit into your company’s workflow.

Before we sketch a wireframe or write a single list of code, we want to understand your needs. This consultation gives us valuable insights into how to best assist you.

Step Two: Design

We’ve built our fair share of database solutions, from small inventory management solutions to massive planning software. Every piece of software we develop is unique in form and function but we bring our years of experience from past projects to make sure your database is tailored exactly to your needs and powerful enough to make your workflow easier.

At this stage, we focus on how the system will work once it’s been developed and what will need to be done on our end to accomplish this. Planning out the system’s functionality and needs helps us determine what complexities exist in the process and what things we may need additional information about.

Your project will be sketched, wire-framed, whiteboarded and revised by our project team in as many ways as we know how in order to find the best structure. In addition, we’ll design a user interface and layouts for you, modern design that’s easy to use and appealing as well.

Step Three: Develop

Once we have a design that you’re excited about, we’ll break ground and start building your project.

Development is when your desire begins to merge with our design. In this phase, you’ll be able to see your project rapidly coming together and taking shape. While interfaces and layouts are connecting on the front-end, the structures and the coding that make up the back-end are also being moved into place. We’ll develop scripts and automated processes to simplify your workflow during this stage, as well as the relationships and connections to link your data in all of its forms.

As with every other stage of the project, we’ll work closely with you, submitting updates and asking questions to make sure that everything we develop for you is focused and functions in the way you want.

Wait. Development isn’t Step One!?

Not if you want the perfect database! In our experience, taking the time to meet with you and come up with a perfectly-fitting solution beats starting with coding and scripting on day one, hands down.

But don’t take our word for it: give us a call and make us prove it to you!

Step Four: Tests & Bug Fixes

For some developers, bug testing is when they close their eyes and cross their fingers. They’ll test it, but not robustly.

During development, we test the software, looking for issues and gaps. Then, once we’ve built out your software, we take plenty of time to test it in the most thorough way possible. We try our best to break it, to make it do what it shouldn’t, to muck the whole thing up and make it unusable. We’ll do a limited deployment so you can do the same.

We address any issues that appear and develop solutions for any data issues or oversights so that when we make the software live there are no issues or hitches for your user base.

Step Five: Launch

Once we’ve tested and tweaked and adjusted your system and fixed any bugs or issues, we’ll get it ready for release. If data needs to be migrated and staff needs to be trained, we can do those things as well.

Once your data is in place and your staff is ready to rock and roll, we’ll hit the big red “LAUNCH” button together!

Other Services

Manage & Maintain

Sometimes you don’t need a brand spankin’ new piece of software. Maybe all you need is some tweaks or some new functionality. We can analyze your system and make adjustments and add new features quickly and without delaying or hindering your workflow.

Repairs & Rescue

Maybe you have a database solution that’s getting long in the tooth or that is riddled with corrupt data or that is totally incomplete and unpolished, but we can step in, salvage your software and turn it into a success story for you.

We’ll walk through our Roadmap for Development with you, find the processes and the features you want to keep and the ones that you want added or repaired. No matter how extensive the repair and rescue mission, we’ll get your software performing the way it’s supposed to.


There’s a classic adage that if you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a night, but if you teach him to fish, he’ll be able to feed himself for the rest of his life. That’s a philosophy that we embrace here at PK Information. If, in addition to creating or revamping a software solution for you, you want to learn more than just the basics of FileMaker, we offer one-on-one training that will equip you to work at maximum efficiency.

Let us help you equip your company for continued success and growth. Contact us today!