Barbizon Current Students

Barbizon uses FileMaker databases for a most of their software processes. To keep track of their current modeling students, they have a dedicated database file that manages everything from personal info to financial details.

Over time, we have implemented custom software improvements that has increased the efficiency and overall productivity of Barbizon’s staff of employees. Some of our clients want us to create them a brand new software solution from start to finish before they ever use it. Not so with Barbizon. While there is a new, holistic software solution in the works, most of our development time is spent on upgrading existing features that are integral to Barbizon’s active internal processes and customer facing interests.

Part of our job, besides general software development, is to create user interfaces for our customers that make their data easily accessible and that guide the user through the process via simple, clear, and easy to understand design elements.

With Barbizon’s current students database file, we had a real challenge ahead of us! The file was created in a much older software version of FileMaker and as such, it had some severe limitations comparatively to today’s standards. However, we were up to the task and in short order we were able to deliver an interface that far surpassed their old one. Even still, there is always room for improvement. In fact, we love it when a client sees what we’ve done, loves it, and wants even more.

The key points are this:

We can give you a fresh start AND provide continuous improvement. It is why we are here.


As you can see, the look and feel of Barbizon’s Current Students FileMaker layout is so much better than before and we are proud of the work we’ve done from them. We feel they have really benefited from upgrading their software. While seeing is believing, appearance and theme are not the only ways we’ve updated their user interface. The current students database was a very old design; it was a flat file, being used almost like an Excel worksheet. Anyone who is familiar with the capability of a relational database system like FileMaker knows that the possibilities are so much greater.

The previous layout was symptomatic of the limitations of older software. The fields were askew, the color selection was enough overload the senses, and items like transactions and notes, which should have been related database tables, were split up into multiple fields in the same table! These issues were prevalent throughout their various pre-existing software solutions.

We took this flat file and gradually turned it into a powerhouse system that manages student details, payment information, financial transactions, credit card data, and so much more.

When you have PK Information on your side, you have the power of highly customizable software with continuous development and constant improvement. We are here when you need us and we can provide the help you need to run your business effectively.


Barbizon Online Enrollment

A robust software package is critical for any company. It is just as important to have a strong web presence. While Barbizon has another company that manages their primary website, we handle their online enrollment for student admissions, competitions, and passport to discovery (their annual model cruise). The site is responsive and works equally well for mobile devices as well as computers. We can track the web user’s browser and even their device type. This enables Barbizon to make intelligent business decisions based on statistical data of customer habits and preferences.

Not only have we designed the online enrollment website interface to be as simple and as user friendly as possible, we use FileMaker as a back end database. The student or contestant can sign up for Barbizon in a classic form wizard view, selecting options and entering financial information along the way. Once they submit the form, we use FileMaker to save the their information into Barbizon’s internal databases. We create PDF contracts, email them to the customer, and then move all the personal and financial data from the online server to a private network, assuring complete customer security. Barbizon staff takes over the process from there; managing their data according to their business needs.

At PK Information Systems, we know you need software that transcends off the shelf technology. We can fulfill your company’s needs for a comprehensive business software solution that operates as an interconnected system. We combine internal-use business management software with an external, customer-facing front end interface.

We create the connections you need between you and your clients.

And here’s what it looks like.